Hey There Bestie,
Im Monica a Latina female business women in the tech industry! Im moving mountains for younger women who want to join tech and make a name for them selves. My experience in webdesigner and graphic design stretches from 2004 when I fell in love with graphic design the moment I walked into the classroom, and took the slow approach into the industry. Im here now ready to amplify your brand and show you all my tips and tricks. 

Meet The team

Dezyre ,
Full time esthiticain and the offical makeup artist for Her branding bestie. She will take care of all your buty needs before and durning your session. She is also a hype girl and is so supportive in your brands and wants to see you all succeed 

Fulltime mom and diy queen larissa has an eye to turn any peice of thrift into a masterpecie and adds her special touch to everything she designs. She also loves to orgainze and loves to design. she is the offical set designer for her branding bestie she is now taking bookings for other projects such as home decor closet orginization and styled sets.

Get to know Dezyre