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How to Prep For your Personal Brand Photoshoot

December 31, 2022

How to Prep For your personal brand photoshoot

Congrats, on your investment in your brand and that’s a huge start! Let’s jump straight into the list because I hate reading a ton to get to the juicy stuff.

  1. Start with Strategy, OKAY but what does that even look like? Find your reason why you are doing a photoshoot! Is it because your need professional images? Are you getting ready to launch something NEW? Are you starting a new project that you want to share with your ideal clients? What is your budget for the year for photos? Where will you be using your photos? Getting clear on the reason why you’re doing a photoshoot will allow you to maximize your images once you have the deliverables!
  2. Once you have your Strategy make a plan. Finding a photographer that can provide quality brand images as well as, understanding what strategy means and how to capture emotion geared to your ideal clients, when it comes to brand photography. This will allow you to stay consistent when using your photos. As well as convert your audience into paying clients.
  3. Find Props and Clothing is your next step. So say for instance you are launching your new podcast and you are setting up a 3-month campaign to generate more website clicks to your apple podcast. You will want to consider how many photos you are going to need. I would say between 50-80 photos will suffice. Consider around 2-4 outfits within your brand color pallet and one Bold outfit, something you wouldn’t normally wear that stands out and make you feel confident! For Props make sure you know how many flatlays you will need and if there is anything spacial like your mic and headphones. Maybe your favorite coffee cup or your puppy. For my clients we have a set designer so you just bring personal items and we take care of the rest for you.
  4. Leading up to your session! Great news your almost ready for your big day. In my professional brand opinion booking makeup and a hairstylist for your session, it will do your photos a huge favor! They also boost your confidence and loosen your mood. If there is only one thing you take from this blog it would be DON’T HAVE CHIPPED NAIL POLISH it can literally ruin your session! I always recommend a fresh polish or no polish at all. For my clients we have a makeup artist and hairstylist on staff so it makes booking them super easy and they also understand what strategy for branding is as well.
  5. On your big day your nerves might be going because for some this is stepping out of your comfort zone. But knowing that you picked the right photographer so you forget that you’re actually doing this for work and have so much fun instead is key to making the smiles more authentic! So go out there and have fun and create outstanding photos that will capture your brand emotions that you can convert more clients with!

Now that you know what to do to have a successful brand photoshoot go out there and make magic happen! If you liked this blog share it on Pinterest! I will literally do a happy dance!

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