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What to wear to a Brand Session?

March 12, 2022

Picking out an outfit is fun but can also be overwhelming so here are my 5 tips on getting dressed to impress your brand photos addition!! I like to get straight to the point so let’s jump in!

#1 Wear something you feel comfy in and beautiful in! I can always tell when my clients are uncomfortable because they pull and tug at their clothing and posing becomes difficult as well. So find some pieces that you feel comfy to move around in! a flowy dress is amazing

#2 Wear something that is light and airy! I say this with a light heart lol no pun intended!!! Keeping colors cool will keep the photos timeless so they can be used to your heart’s content.

#3 On the flip side POP some Color into that sash boo boo!!! Don’t be afraid to add in your brand colors or a sun colorful blazer, maybe some vibrant pants or shoes! These types of clothing photos are great for announcements within your business!

#4 You may hate me for this but I love a good pair of ripped jeans and they look great with a blazer so say what you will… I will stand for the ripped jeans any day girl!! add a fun t-shirt with some branding and boom-shock-a-lock-a-da cuteness

#5 Business professional. Again play with your fashion have fun or stay cool pick some pieces that are timeless and fun mix it up. Give some verity.

If you have further questions always ask your photographer they are the bomb dot com girl!!!


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