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What is the difference between branding and business photoshoots?

March 8, 2022

Well, Let’s be honest here a brand session will really bring out your brand identity so you can show up on social media 100% authentically! Not only just social media but Blog posts, Magazine features, Your marketing Material, Print ads and so much more.

When working with my clients we really dig deep to find your brand’s personality so that can translate into photos and really attract your ideal clients. Compared to your traditional headshots where you show up and take a few photos and you end up using that one photo for 2 years and it becomes so outplayed!

Sitting down with my clients so we can really understand the brand’s ideal clients’ avatar. Pinning it down to one person so we are not speaking to tons and tons of people. When you don’t really find out who your person is, you can possibly fall victim to the SERIAL REBRANDER!!! I have been there and I have done that and GIRL don’t do it you will end up confusing your audience and you will go round and round for a long time struggling how to really grasp how to grow your brand identity and book more clients.

5 Reasons Why You should quit the headshot parties and invest in a Brand Session!

  1. Batch your content
  2. Bring your brands idenity to LIFE!
  3. Level up your KNOW LIKE AND TRUST factor
  4. Show up cohesivly thoughout all your content
  5. So you dont become a SERIAL REBRANDER!

Now tell me what is one thing you dislike about your headshots and what you would like to improve?

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